Aukey Focus Duo 36W Power Delivery Dual-Port PD USB C Charger with Dynamic Detect

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  • Input: AC 100-240V
  • Single Port Output: 30W (Max)
  • Dual Port Output: 18W (Max)
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.0 x 2.9cm

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The AUKEY PA-D2 Focus Duo 36W Power Delivery Dual-Port PD USB C Charger with Dynamic Detect is a versatile and efficient charging solution designed to meet the needs of modern devices. Featuring the innovative Dynamic Detect technology, this charger ensures optimal power delivery to your devices.

With a compact and portable design, this charger is ideal for home, office, and travel use. The foldable prongs enhance its portability, making it convenient to carry wherever you go. The slimline design adds to its overall practicality, ensuring it doesn’t take up much space in your bag or on your desk.

Equipped with 30W Power Delivery 3.0, the charger can efficiently recharge a 12-inch MacBook at full speed when used with a single plug. For simultaneous charging of multiple devices, the dual-port design allows each port to output 18W Power Delivery, ensuring fast charging for devices like the iPhone 11 series, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Google Pixel devices, and more.

Dynamic Detect technology intelligently allocates power when a single device is connected, providing the full power of the charger to that device. When multiple devices are connected, Dynamic Detect optimally distributes power for effective simultaneous charging.

The USB Power Delivery standard allows for universal multi-voltage charging, dynamically negotiating power output over a USB Type-C connection. This ensures safe and efficient charging for a wide range of compatible devices, including the latest iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy devices, Google Pixel phones, and more.

The AUKEY PA-D2 Focus Duo charger is compatible with various models, including the iPhone 11 series, 12-inch MacBook, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Google Pixel devices, AirPods Pro, Nintendo Switch, and more.

Built with advanced safeguards, this charger prioritizes the safety of your devices. It protects against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging, ensuring a reliable and secure charging experience.

In summary, the AUKEY PA-D2 Focus Duo 36W Power Delivery Dual-Port PD USB C Charger with Dynamic Detect offers a high-speed and efficient charging solution, making it a must-have accessory for those who demand fast and reliable power delivery for their devices.

Feature Specification
Model PA-D2
Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Single Port Output DC 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 2.5A, 15V 2A, 20V 1.5A (30W Max)
Dual Port Simultaneous Output DC 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A (18W Max)
Max Power Output 36W
Dimensions 6.4 x 6.0 x 2.9cm
Weight 115g

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