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BVOT M92 Universal 4G/5G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi – LTE 150 Mbps / Supports up to 10 Devices

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  • Network: 4G/5G LTE
  • Capacity: Connects 10 devices
  • Speed: 150 Mbps
  • Battery: 8 hours

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The BVOT M92 Universal 4G/5G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi is a versatile and portable device that provides high-speed internet connectivity on the go. Here’s a brief product overview:

BVOT M92 Universal 4G/5G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi

General Information:

  • Brand: BVOT
  • Model: M92

Technical Specifications:

  • Connectivity: Supports 4G/5G LTE networks.
  • Devices Supported: Connects up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • Data Speed: Provides speeds of up to 150 Mbps.
  • Battery Life: Offers up to 8 hours of working time on a single charge.

Design and Functionality:

  • Compact and portable design for on-the-go use.
  • Ideal for connecting multiple devices to the internet simultaneously.
  • Suitable for various applications such as work, travel, or leisure.

Ease of Use:

  • Simple setup process for quick and hassle-free connectivity.
  • Intuitive controls for managing device connections and settings.

The BVOT M92 Mobile Wi-Fi is a reliable solution for those seeking fast and convenient internet access for multiple devices, making it an essential companion for various situations.

Specification Details
Network 4G/5G LTE
Devices Supported Up to 10 devices simultaneously
Data Speed Up to 150 Mbps
Battery Life Up to 8 hours
Brand and Model Brand: BVOT, Model: M92

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