Epson LQ 690 PrinterEpson LQ 690 Printer

Epson LQ 690 Printer – 24 Pins / 106-Columns / A4 / USB / Parallel / Dot matrix

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  • Number of Pins : 24-Pins
  • Number of Columns : 106-Columns
  • Carbon Copies : 6 plus one original
  • Connectivity : USB, Parallel

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Brand Epson
Model LQ-690
Printing Serial impact dot
Method matrix
Number of Pins 24-pins
Columns 106 columns
Print Direction Bi-directional with logic seeking
Print Speed 12CPI – 529cps
Paper Manual Insertion
Feeding (Front or rear in, top out), Push Tractor (Front or rear in, top out), Pull
Tractor (Front or rear or bottom in, top out)
Fonts Bitmap font EPSON Courier (10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON Draft
(10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON OCR-B (10 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON
Orator (10 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON Orator-S (10 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON
Prestige (10 CPI, 12 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON Roman (10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI,
Proportional), Bitmap font EPSON Sans Serif (10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI,
Proportional), Bitmap font EPSON Script (10 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON Script C
(Proportional), Scalable font EPSON Roman, Scalable font EPSON Roman T,
Scalable font EPSON Sans Serif, Scalable font EPSON Sans Serif H
Draft Bitmap and 4 scalable typefaces, 8 Barcode fonts
Interfaces Standard:
Bi-directional parallel interface (IEEE-1284 nibble mode supported),
TYPE Fabric ribbon cartridge
RIBBON LIFE Approx 10 million characters
ACOUSTIC NOISE Approx. 57 dB(A) / 54 dB(A) at Low-noise mode* (ISO 7779 pattern)
width x DEPTH x height 480 x 370 x 210mm
Weight Approx 6.8kg
Driver/Utility Windows XP (32bit) SP2 or later Professional Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) SP1 or later Ultimate/Enterprise/Business Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) Ultimate/Enterprise/Professional Windows Server 2003 (32bit/64bit) SP2 Standard/Enterprise Windows Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise (32bit/64bit), R2 Standard/Enterprise (64bit)
Warranty yes


The Epson LQ 690 Printer II Dot Matrix Printer is a high-performance and versatile printer designed for businesses that require reliable and efficient printing. This dot matrix printer is known for its durability and exceptional print quality, making it suitable for demanding environments.

The Epson LQ 690 Printer II utilizes dot matrix printing technology, which enables it to produce clear and precise prints, even on multipart forms and other types of paper. It offers a printing speed of up to 529 characters per second (cps), ensuring fast and efficient printing of invoices, receipts, shipping documents, and more.

With its robust construction, the LQ-690 II is built to withstand heavy use and deliver long-lasting performance. It features an enhanced printhead life, allowing for continuous printing without frequent replacements. This printer is designed to handle high print volumes, making it ideal for businesses with demanding printing requirements.

The LQ-690 II offers versatile connectivity options to suit your workflow. It includes a standard parallel interface and a USB port, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of computer systems. You can easily connect the printer to your computer or network and start printing without any complicated setup processes.

This dot matrix printer is designed for user convenience. It features an intuitive control panel and a clear LCD screen, allowing for easy navigation and quick access to various printer settings and functions. Additionally, it offers flexible paper handling options, including front and rear paper paths, as well as the ability to handle multiple paper types and sizes.

If you’re looking for a reliable and high-performance dot matrix printer, you can purchase the Epson LQ-690 II Dot Matrix Printer from ITCare ITCare offers competitive prices and reliable service to ensure a smooth buying experience.

Upgrade your printing capabilities with the Epson LQ-690 II Dot Matrix Printer, delivering exceptional print quality, efficient performance, and outstanding durability for your business needs.

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