Epson LQ-690 II Dotmatrix Printer


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Brand Epson
Model LQ-690
Printing Serial impact dot
Method matrix
Number of Pins 24-pins
Columns 106 columns
Print Direction Bi-directional with logic seeking
Print Speed 12CPI – 529cps
Paper Manual Insertion
Feeding (Front or rear in, top out), Push Tractor (Front or rear in, top out), Pull
Tractor (Front or rear or bottom in, top out)
Fonts Bitmap font EPSON Courier (10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON Draft
(10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON OCR-B (10 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON
Orator (10 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON Orator-S (10 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON
Prestige (10 CPI, 12 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON Roman (10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI,
Proportional), Bitmap font EPSON Sans Serif (10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI,
Proportional), Bitmap font EPSON Script (10 CPI), Bitmap font EPSON Script C
(Proportional), Scalable font EPSON Roman, Scalable font EPSON Roman T,
Scalable font EPSON Sans Serif, Scalable font EPSON Sans Serif H
Draft Bitmap and 4 scalable typefaces, 8 Barcode fonts
Interfaces Standard:
Bi-directional parallel interface (IEEE-1284 nibble mode supported),
TYPE Fabric ribbon cartridge
RIBBON LIFE Approx 10 million characters
ACOUSTIC NOISE Approx. 57 dB(A) / 54 dB(A) at Low-noise mode* (ISO 7779 pattern)
width x DEPTH x height 480 x 370 x 210mm
Weight Approx 6.8kg
Driver/Utility Windows XP (32bit) SP2 or later Professional Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) SP1 or later Ultimate/Enterprise/Business Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) Ultimate/Enterprise/Professional Windows Server 2003 (32bit/64bit) SP2 Standard/Enterprise Windows Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise (32bit/64bit), R2 Standard/Enterprise (64bit)
Warranty yes
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