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High-Pressure Heat Press Machine – 40x60cm

KWD 169.000
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  • Type: Heat Press
  • Hot Stamping Area: 40x60 cm
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Power: 2800W
  • Temperature Range: 0-300°C

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The High-Pressure Heat Press Machine with a generous hot stamping area of 40×60 cm is a modified version of the traditional flat press, offering enhanced performance and convenience for your heat transfer needs.

High Pressure: This upgraded model features an improved pressure angle, providing increased pressure during operation. This enhancement not only ensures better results in your heat press applications but also contributes to a more comfortable and efficient user experience.

Rugged Construction: Designed with durability in mind, this heat press machine boasts an improved pressure handle. The handle has been fortified with increased thickness and strength in the heating plate, making it exceptionally robust under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions. This robust construction enhances the longevity of the machine, making it a reliable choice for your pressing requirements.

Accurate Temperature and Time Control: Equipped with integrated temperature and time control mechanisms, this heat press machine offers precise adjustments for your specific needs. The intelligent adjustment of internal parameters based on temperature feedback values ensures accuracy in controlling both temperature and time during the heat transfer process. This level of control is essential for achieving consistent and high-quality results in your projects.

Versatile Hot Stamping Area: The machine provides a spacious hot stamping area of 40×60 cm, accommodating a variety of materials and allowing for larger and more intricate designs. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from creating custom apparel to transferring designs onto various surfaces.

Efficient Power Consumption: Operating at a voltage of 220-240V with a power consumption of 2800W, this heat press machine balances efficiency with performance. It provides sufficient power to meet the demands of professional heat transfer applications while remaining energy-efficient.

User-Friendly Design: With integrated temperature and time controls, the machine simplifies the heat transfer process. The rugged construction and high-pressure capability contribute to a user-friendly design that ensures reliability and ease of use.

Compact and thoughtfully designed, this High-Pressure Heat Press Machine is a dependable choice for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and precise heat transfer solutions. Its combination of enhanced pressure, durability, and accurate controls makes it a valuable asset for various heat transfer applications.

Specification Details
Hot Stamping Area 40cm x 60cm
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 2800W
Temperature Range 0-300°C
Time Range 0-999 Seconds
Packing Size 78cm x 70cm x 39cm
Weight 33Kg

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