Imation CD-R 52X / 700MB / 80MIN / 25-Pack Spindle

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  • Write Speed: Up to 52x
  • Capacity: 700MB/80 Minutes
  • Packaging: 25 CDs Spindle
  • Erasure: Cannot be erased or overwritten (Write-once)
  • Compatibility: Playable in music-use CD players, CD-RW drives, and CD-ROM drives

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The Imation CD-R 52x 25-Pack Spindle offers a reliable and convenient solution for storing and sharing digital content. With a focus on durability and compatibility, these CD-Rs are ideal for various applications, including music, digital images, data, and multimedia presentations.

Key Features:

  • Write Speed:
    • Enjoy swift data recording with write speeds of up to 52x, ensuring efficient and quick burning of content onto the CD-Rs.
  • Storage Capacity:
    • Each CD-R boasts a generous storage capacity of 700MB or 80 minutes of audio, providing ample space for a variety of digital files.
  • Packaging:
    • The CD-Rs are conveniently organized in a spindle packaging, consisting of 25 discs. This makes it easy to store, access, and manage your collection.
  • Permanent Data Recording:
    • Imation CD-Rs are designed for permanent data recording, offering a write-once functionality. Once data is recorded, it cannot be erased or overwritten, ensuring data integrity.
  • Wide Compatibility:
    • These CD-Rs are compatible with music-use CD players, CD-RW drives, and CD-ROM drives. This broad compatibility ensures versatility in playback across various devices.

Versatile Applications:

  • Music: Create your own music CDs for playback in standard CD players.
  • Digital Images: Archive and share digital images or create custom photo slideshows.
  • Data Storage: Utilize the CD-Rs for storing important data, documents, and files.
  • Multimedia Presentations: Ideal for creating multimedia presentations for personal or professional use.

Reliability and Durability:

Imation, a trusted brand in storage media, ensures that these CD-Rs deliver reliable performance. The durable construction and permanent data recording make them a dependable choice for archiving and sharing content.

Whether you are preserving cherished memories, creating custom music collections, or storing essential data, the Imation CD-R 52x 25-Pack Spindle provides a reliable and efficient solution for your digital storage needs.

Specification Details
Write Speed Up to 52x
Capacity 700MB / 80 Minutes
Packaging 25 CDs Spindle
Erasure Write-once, cannot be erased or overwritten
Compatibility Music-use CD players, CD-RW drives, CD-ROM drives

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