Imation DVD+R 16x 4.7GB 120Min Blank Disc – 50 Pack

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  • Brand: Imation
  • Speed: 16x
  • Capacity: 4.7GB
  • Audio Storage: 120 min
  • Pieces: 50 Pack

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The Imation DVD+R 16x Blank Discs offer a reliable and versatile solution for storing and sharing digital content. With a generous capacity of 4.7GB and a recording speed of 16x, this 50-pack of DVD+Rs is designed to meet various multimedia needs.

Key Features:

  • Brand Assurance:
    • Imation, a trusted name in storage devices, ensures quality and reliability in these DVD+Rs.
  • High-Speed Recording:
    • With a recording speed of 16x, these discs enable fast and efficient burning of digital content, saving you valuable time.
  • Ample Storage Capacity:
    • Boasting a capacious 4.7GB storage, these DVD+Rs provide ample space for archiving data, multimedia files, and more.
  • Extended Audio Storage:
    • Enjoy a recording time of up to 120 minutes for audio content, making these discs suitable for creating customized music collections.
  • Bulk Packaging:
    • The 50 Pack provides convenience and value, making it an ideal choice for users with multiple disc-burning needs.

Versatility in Use:

  • Data Storage: Perfect for archiving data, documents, and files.
  • Multimedia Content: Ideal for creating DVDs with movies, music, and multimedia presentations.
  • Custom Music Collections: Ample space for creating personalized audio CDs with extended playback time.
  • Backup Solutions: Reliable option for backing up important digital content.

Reliable Performance:

Imation’s commitment to quality ensures that these DVD+Rs deliver reliable performance, making them suitable for a range of applications. Whether you’re preserving memories, sharing digital content, or creating backup archives, these discs provide a dependable solution.

Note: Ensure compatibility with your DVD writer or burner for optimal performance.

The Imation DVD+R 16x 4.7GB 120Min Blank Disc – 50 Pack offers a cost-effective and efficient way to meet your digital storage and content creation needs.

Specification Details
Brand Imation
Category Storage Devices
Product DVD+R
Speed 16x
Capacity 4.7GB
Audio Storage 120 min
Pieces 50 Pack

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