Logitech Wireless Presenter (R400)Logitech Wireless Presenter (R400)

Logitech Wireless Presenter (R400)

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  • Intuitive Slideshow Controls
  • Red Laser Pointer
  • Up To 15-Meter Range
  • Battery Indicator
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Battery Life (Laser Pointer): 20-Hour Maximum
  • Battery Life (Presenter): 1050-Hour Maximum

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Product Name Logitech Presenter R400
Type Wireless Presenter
Color Black
Red Laser Pointer Easy To See
Wireless Distance 10 m
System Requirements Windows10,8,7,Later – USB port
Laser Class Class 2 Laser
Max Output Less Than 1mW
Wave Length 640~660nm (Red Light)
Battery Type 2 AAA Batteries
Battery Life (Laser Pointer) 20-Hour Maximum
Battery Life (Presenter) 1050-Hour Maximum
Dimensions (Laser Pointer) 37.8 x 115.5 x 27.4 mm
Dimensions (Receiver ) 16.5 x 58.6 x 7.9 mm
Weight (Laser Pointer) 57 g
Weight (Receiver ) 6 g


Introducing the Logitech Presenter R400, a reliable and user-friendly presentation remote designed to enhance your public speaking and presentation delivery. With its intuitive features and wireless connectivity, this presenter is an essential tool for professionals, educators, and speakers.

Key Features:

  1. Wireless Presenter: The Logitech R400 is a wireless presentation remote that allows you to control your slides from a distance. Move freely around the room while maintaining complete control over your presentation.
  2. Intuitive Button Layout: The presenter features an intuitive button layout, making it easy to navigate through your slides. The simple and well-arranged buttons ensure smooth transitions between slides, enabling a seamless presentation experience.
  3. Red Laser Pointer: The built-in red laser pointer provides an effective way to highlight key points or elements on your slides. Capture your audience’s attention and emphasize critical information with precision.
  4. Plug-and-Play Setup: The R400 presenter offers a plug-and-play setup, requiring no software installation or complicated configurations. Simply plug the USB receiver into your computer, and you’re ready to start your presentation.
  5. Long Wireless Range: With a generous wireless range, this presenter allows you to control your slides from up to 50 feet (15 meters) away. Move around the room with confidence, knowing that you can stay connected to your presentation.
  6. Storable Receiver: The USB receiver is storable in the presenter itself, ensuring that you won’t misplace it and providing a convenient solution for transportation.
  7. Compatible with Most Presentation Software: The Logitech Presenter R400 is compatible with a wide range of presentation software, including PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and more.

Enhance your presentations and captivate your audience with the Logitech Presenter R400. Its user-friendly design, reliable performance, and red laser pointer make it an indispensable tool for effective public speaking and seamless slide control.

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