Mcdodo CC-567 Aurora Series 95W USB-A + USB-C Digital Display PD Car Charger

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  • Dual Charging Ports: USB-C and USB-A ports provide flexibility for charging various devices simultaneously.
  • Powerful Output: USB A: 5V⎓3A to 20V⎓1.5A (Max.), USB C: 5V⎓3A to 20V⎓3.25A (Max.), Combined USB A+C: QC 30W (Max.) + PD 65W (Max.) for a total power of 95W.
  • Sleek Aluminum Design: Aluminum alloy construction for durability and a modern look.
  • Digital Display: Built-in digital display shows real-time charging information, including voltage and current.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Portable design with dimensions of 34.534.568.5mm and a weight of 35g for convenient on-the-go use.

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The Mcdodo CC-567 Aurora Series 95W USB-A + USB-C Digital Display PD Car Charger redefines in-car charging with its advanced features, powerful capabilities, and sleek design. This premium car charger is engineered to meet the demands of modern tech-savvy users who require fast and efficient charging on the go.

Dual Charging Ports for Versatility: Equipped with both USB-A and USB-C ports, the CC-567 offers unparalleled versatility, allowing users to charge a wide array of devices simultaneously. This dual-port design ensures compatibility with the latest gadgets, accommodating the diverse charging needs of users on the road.

High-Power Output for Rapid Charging: The USB-A port boasts an output range from 5V⎓3A to 20V⎓1.5A (Max.), while the USB-C port delivers a robust 5V⎓3A to 20V⎓3.25A (Max.). When used together, the USB-A+C combination achieves a formidable QC 30W (Max.) + PD 65W (Max.), providing a total power output of 95W. This exceptional power delivery ensures rapid charging for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other USB-powered devices.

Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the CC-567 exemplifies durability and sophistication. The premium materials not only contribute to the charger’s sturdiness but also lend it a sleek and modern aesthetic, elevating the overall in-car charging experience.

Digital Display for Real-Time Monitoring: An integrated digital display sets the CC-567 apart, providing users with real-time information about the charging process. Monitor the voltage and current levels, ensuring that you have complete visibility into the charging status of your devices, allowing for a more informed and controlled charging experience.

Compact and Portable Design: Measuring at 34.534.568.5mm and weighing only 35g, the CC-567 is designed with portability in mind. Its compact dimensions make it an unobtrusive addition to your car’s interior, while the lightweight construction ensures hassle-free portability, allowing you to take the charging power wherever your journey leads.

Intelligent Safety Measures and Certification: Safety is a paramount consideration, and the CC-567 incorporates over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection to safeguard both your devices and the charger itself. Additionally, the charger is CE and ROHS certified, assuring users of its compliance with international safety standards.

In summary, the Mcdodo CC-567 Aurora Series Car Charger combines cutting-edge technology with a premium design to deliver a powerful and reliable charging solution for your in-car needs. Experience the convenience of dual ports, high-power output, real-time monitoring, and a sleek aluminum build – all in one compact and sophisticated device. Elevate your in-car charging experience with the CC-567.

Feature Specification
Model CC-567
Material Aluminum Alloy
USB A Output 5V⎓3A, 5V⎓4.5A, 4.5V⎓5A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓2A, 15V⎓2A, 20V⎓1.5A (Max.)
USB C Output 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3.25A (Max.)
USB A+C Output USB-C + USB-A: QC 30W (Max.) + PD 65W (Max.)
Power 95W max
Color Black
Size 34.534.568.5mm
Weight N.W: 35g
Certificate CE, ROHS

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