Mcdodo CH-572 Dual USB Charger (UK) + Lightning Data Cable / Travel Set

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  • Dual USB Ports: Equipped with two USB ports, allowing simultaneous charging of multiple devices.
  • Fast Charging Capability: Delivers a speedy 2.4A output, supporting fast charging for compatible devices.
  • Versatile Charging Cable: Includes a USB cable with Micro, Type-C, and Lightning connectors, ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices.
  • Compact and Travel-Friendly: Designed with a UK plug, compact dimensions (81.7 x 41.5 x 25mm), and lightweight (49g), making it ideal for travel and daily use.
  • Safety Protections: Features over-current, over-temperature, overcharging, and short circuit protection, ensuring the safety of connected devices during charging.

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The Mcdodo CH-572 Dual USB Charger + USB Cable Travel Set is a comprehensive charging solution that seamlessly blends efficiency, versatility, and convenience. With a focus on providing a reliable and user-friendly charging experience, this set caters to the needs of modern device users, whether at home or on the go.

1. Dual USB Ports for Simultaneous Charging: Featuring two USB ports, this charger allows you to power up two devices simultaneously. This dual capability is especially convenient for users with multiple devices, eliminating the need for separate chargers.

2. Rapid 2.4A Fast Charging: With a 2.4A output, this charger supports fast charging for compatible devices. Whether you’re charging smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets, the 2.4A output ensures a swift replenishment of battery life, reducing the time spent waiting for devices to charge.

3. Versatile Charging Cable Inclusive: The set includes a USB cable with Micro, Type-C, and Lightning connectors, covering a wide range of devices. This versatility ensures that users with different devices can charge them seamlessly, making it an all-in-one solution for households with diverse tech ecosystems.

4. Compact and Travel-Friendly Design: Designed with a UK plug, the compact dimensions (81.7 x 41.5 x 25mm), and lightweight construction (49g) make it an ideal travel companion. Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, this charger set easily fits into your bag, ensuring you stay powered up wherever you go.

5. Safety First with Multiple Protections: The charger incorporates a range of safety features, including over-current, over-temperature, overcharging, and short circuit protection. These safety measures not only protect your devices from potential damage but also provide peace of mind during the charging process.

6. Sturdy and Fireproof Construction: Crafted with fireproof ABS + PC materials, the charger ensures durability and safety. This robust construction adds an extra layer of reliability to the set, making it a long-lasting and trustworthy charging solution.

7. Certified Quality and Compliance: Certified with CCC, CE, ROHS, and FCC, this charger set meets rigorous quality and safety standards. The certifications guarantee that the product adheres to international regulatory requirements, assuring users of its quality and reliability.

In summary, the Mcdodo CH-572 Dual USB Charger + USB Cable Travel Set is more than just a charging solution; it’s a versatile and reliable companion for users seeking a seamless and efficient way to keep their devices charged and ready for action. Whether at home or traveling, this set ensures that your devices stay powered up without compromising on safety or convenience.

Feature Specification
Brand Mcdodo
Model CH-572
USB Ports 2
Output Interface USB x2
Input 230-240V
Output 5V / 2.4A
Certificate of Quality CCC, CE, ROHS, FCC
2.4A Fast Charging Yes
Source of Energy AC Source
Color White
Name 2.4A Dual Fast Charger
USB Port Type UK 2.4A Fast Charging USB Charger
Style EU/UK Charger Plug
Output (Each Port) 2.4A
Max Output 12W
Wide Voltage Adaption Yes
Protections Over-current, Over-temperature, Overcharging, Short Circuit
Material Fireproof ABS + PC
Net Weight 49g
Size 81.7 x 41.5 x 25mm

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