SubliNova Dye Sublimation Ink (Made in Korea)

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  • Intense and vibrant color, Long lasting head performance
  • Good scratch resistance and washing resist ance
  • Stable and long lasting printing, Suitable for electronic printers

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Inktec original SubliNova Smart dye sublimation ink is used for printers with DX4 and DX5 piezo printheads. This sublimation ink uses harmless environmentally-friendly dyes that is widely applied for direct printing onto fabrics by larger format sublimation printers, and also can be using the traditional method working together with heat transfer paper and imprint image by heat press machine. It is imprinting images that are vibrant & intense in color with a strong outdoor durability. For smooth ink flow without head clogging, because the particle size of dispersive dyes smaller under 100nm (0.1um) and use the high-class dyes to keep their color shade in harsh conditions. The SubliNova Smart inks have superior printing quality under various printing environments. Application: This SubliNova Sublimation ink with rich color gamut is widely used to imprint on various materials, such as:
Fashion textiles
Backlit fabric signage
Exhibit graphics
Ceramic mugs, plates, phone cases, T-shirts, jigsaw puzzles,
metal sheets, tiles, pillow cases, rock photos, etc.

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