Yesido GS10 OTG Lightning Cable Adapter.02Yesido GS10 OTG Lightning Cable Adapter.02

Yesido GS10 Lightning to USB 2.0 OTG Adapter

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  • 5 Gbps Speed Of Data Transfer is very Possible with Yesido GS10.
  • Yesido GS10 is very Comfortable with every Ipad/Iphone/Macbook.
  • All data like Pictures/Videos/ Documents are easily be Possible to Transfer it with Yesido GS10 from or to your Iphone/Ipad.
  • iOS13 or lighter version will support mouse and excel word MP3 MP4 etc.
  • Super Fast Data Transfer is now very Possible with the speed of 3.0 with the help of Yesido gs10.
  • GS10 USB To Lightning.

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Introducing the Yesido GS10, your ultimate solution for seamless and lightning-fast data transfers. With a remarkable speed of 5 Gbps, this USB to Lightning connector ensures that transferring your precious data between devices is not just quick but also incredibly efficient.

Designed for optimal compatibility, the Yesido GS10 is your go-to accessory for every Apple device in your arsenal, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Its impeccable compatibility ensures a comfortable and hassle-free experience across the Apple ecosystem.

Say goodbye to the complexities of data transfer. Whether it’s pictures, videos, or documents, the Yesido GS10 makes the process effortless, allowing you to move your data to and from your iPhone or iPad with remarkable ease. No more struggles, no more delays – just smooth, efficient transfers.

Compatibility extends beyond device types. With support for iOS 13 or lighter versions, the Yesido GS10 enables additional functionalities like mouse support and compatibility with various file formats, including Excel, Word, MP3, and MP4. It transforms your Apple device into a versatile hub for productivity and entertainment.

Experience the next level of data transfer with the Yesido GS10, boasting a super-fast 3.0 speed. This ensures that your data moves at an unprecedented pace, saving you valuable time and providing a swift and efficient transfer process.

The Yesido GS10 is not just a connector; it’s a USB to Lightning solution that combines speed, versatility, and efficiency. Whether you’re a professional managing important documents or someone who loves sharing memories through photos and videos, the Yesido GS10 is the bridge that brings your devices together seamlessly. Elevate your data transfer experience with Yesido GS10 – where speed meets simplicity.

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