PROMATE USB-C To HDMI Audio Video CablePROMATE USB-C To HDMI Audio Video Cable

PROMATE USB-C To HDMI Audio Video Cable

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Explore the new connectivity platform with HDMI-PD60, a premium USB-C to HDMI cable with 60W Power Delivery. With HDMI-PD60 experience a smooth and effortless experience for connecting your USB-C-enabled device to your HDTV, 4K/Ultra HDTV, or any other HDMI-enabled display device. This adapter supports 4K @ 60hz, providing stunning clarity and sound for the ultimate HD viewing experience.

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Resolution: Up to 4K@60 Hz (3840*2160)

Chipset: FL7102-2Q0 PS176

Signal Type: HDMI 2.0

Color Depth: 12bpc 36bit/px

Max. Video Data Rate: 5.4Gbps

Total Current: 20V,3A

Power Delivery: 60W

Cable Length: 1.8 Meters


The PROMATE USB-C To HDMI Audio Video Cable is a high-quality cable designed to connect your USB-C enabled devices to HDMI-equipped displays, monitors, projectors, or TVs. With this cable, you can easily mirror or extend your device’s screen to a larger display, allowing you to enjoy videos, presentations, and other content in high-definition.

The cable features a USB-C connector on one end and an HDMI connector on the other, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between your devices and the display. The USB-C connector is reversible, making it easy to plug in either way, providing added convenience.

This cable supports high-definition video and audio transmission, allowing you to enjoy crisp and clear visuals along with immersive sound. Whether you’re streaming videos, playing games, or giving a presentation, this cable ensures a seamless audio-video experience.

The cable’s length provides flexibility, enabling you to position your USB-C device and the display at a comfortable distance while connected. It’s a practical and versatile solution for home entertainment, office presentations, or any situation where you need to connect your USB-C device to an HDMI display.

To purchase this Cable or to learn more about its specifications and compatibility with specific devices, you can visit the ITCare website There, you’ll find detailed information about the cable and its usage instructions.

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to connect your USB-C devices to HDMI displays, the Promate USB-C to HDMI Audio-Video Cable is an excellent choice. Experience high-definition visuals and immersive audio with this high-quality cable from Promate.

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