Blank A4 Puzzle – 60 Pieces / Wooden Base

SKU: 300565
75.000 KD

Size: A4
Pieces: 60
Material: Wood
Versatile Use: DIY, art, education
Print Compatibility: Suitable for printing

Product information

The Blank A4 Puzzle with 60 Pieces on a Wooden Base offers a versatile and engaging canvas for DIY projects, artistic creations, and educational activities. With an A4 size and 60 pieces, this puzzle provides a medium level of complexity suitable for various age groups and purposes. Crafted from wood, it ensures durability and a smooth surface for easy assembly.

Ideal for creative endeavors, this puzzle invites personalized designs, artwork, or educational content. Its wooden base adds a touch of elegance and stability, making it suitable for display or interactive learning experiences. Compatible with printing techniques, it allows for customized designs to be added, enhancing its potential for unique and personalized creations. Unlock your creativity with this Blank A4 Puzzle, a perfect combination of entertainment and expression.