HP GT52 Cyan Ink Bottle – 8K Pages / Cyan Color / Ink Cartridge

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Consumable Type : Ink Bottle
Ink Types : Dye-based
Page Yield : Up to 8K pages
Color : Cyan

Product information

HP GT52 ink bottles work with:

HP GT52 ink bottles work with:

HP DeskJet GT: 5810, GT 5820
HP Ink Tank: 115, 315, 319, 415, 419
HP Smart Tank: 500, 513, 515, 516, 519, 530, 615

Prints you can take pride in

Prints you can take pride in

Trust Original HP Ink to deliver on your expectations, and more.

The HP GT52 Cyan Ink Bottle (M0H54AE) is a high-quality ink refill designed for use with HP Ink Tank printers. This cyan ink bottle is specifically formulated to deliver vibrant and accurate colors, making it ideal for printing photos, graphics, and other colorful images.

The HP GT52 Cyan Ink Bottle (M0H54AE) is known for its reliable performance and long-lasting print quality. It is capable of producing sharp and vivid cyan colors with every refill. Whether you're printing photos for personal use or professional documents that require precise color representation, this ink bottle will meet your needs.

Using genuine HP ink bottles, like the HP GT52 Cyan Ink Bottle (M0H54AE), is crucial for ensuring the longevity of your HP Ink Tank printer and achieving optimal print results. Genuine HP ink bottles are specially designed to work seamlessly with HP Ink Tank printers, preventing potential compatibility issues and delivering the best possible output.

Refilling the ink tank with the HP GT52 Cyan Ink Bottle (M0H54AE) is a simple process. Just follow the instructions provided by your printer and carefully pour the cyan ink into the designated tank. Once refilled, you can start printing vibrant and high-quality cyan images immediately.

For more technical details and a list of compatible printers, you can visit the ITCare website https://itcare.com/product/hp-gt52-cyan-ink-bottle-m0h54ae/>. There, you will find comprehensive information about the HP GT52 Cyan Ink Bottle (M0H54AE) to help you make an informed decision for your printing needs.

Choose the Cyan Ink Bottle (M0H54AE) for vibrant and accurate cyan color printing with your HP Ink Tank printer. With genuine HP ink, you can expect outstanding performance and consistent results for all your printing requirements.