Mcdodo CH-149 67W Dichromatic GaN 5 Mini Fast Charger (UK plug)

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Compact Size, Big Power: Miniature 80x32x37mm design delivers a whopping 67W of power, proving that great things come in small packages.
Multi-Port Efficiency: Dual PD USB-C ports and a USB-A port offer versatile charging options, allowing you to power up multiple devices simultaneously.
Stylish Dichromatic Choices: Available in sleek Black, vibrant Blue, and elegant Purple, the charger adds a touch of style to your charging routine.
Travel Companion: Designed for on-the-go convenience, this charger is travel-friendly, making it an ideal companion for your journeys near and far.
Safety Certified: CE and ROHS certifications ensure not just power but also peace of mind, with the fireproof PC material enhancing safety during usage.

Product information


Feature Specification
Model No. CH-149
Socket Standard UK
Material Fireproof PC
Power 67W max
Input 100-240V~50/60Hz 1.5A
Output – USB-C1: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3.35A, 67W Max.
– USB-C2: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A, 15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3.35A, 67W Max.
– USB-A: 4.5V⎓5A, 5V⎓4.5A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.5A, 22.5W Max.
– USB-C1+USB-C2: 45W+20W (65W Max.)
– USB-C1+USB-A: 45W+18W (63W Max.)
– USB-C2+USB-A: 5V⎓3.6A (18W Max.)
– USB-C1+(USB-C2+USB-A): 45W+18W (63W Max.)
– Total Output: 67W Max
Support Single Type-C for output. Type-C supports PD2.0, PD3.0, QC3.0, QC4.0, FCP, Apple 2.4A, Samsung AFC, BC1.2
Single USB-A for output. USB-A supports QC2.0, QC3.0, FCP, SCP, Apple 2.4A, Samsung AFC, BC1.2
Color Black, Blue, Purple
Size 80x32x37mm
Weight 221.6g (Gross weight)
Certificate CE, ROHS


The Mcdodo CH-149 67W Dichromatic GaN 5 Mini Fast Charger (UK plug) redefines compact charging with its powerful capabilities and stylish design. This mini fast charger packs a punch, offering a maximum output of 67W to meet the demands of today's power-hungry devices, from laptops to smartphones and more.

Versatile Charging Ports: Equipped with dual PD USB-C ports and an additional USB-A port, the CH-149 provides versatile charging options. Whether you need to power up your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, this charger has you covered. The ports support a variety of fast charging protocols, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Compact Design, Maximum Power: Measuring at a mere 803237mm, this mini charger is designed for those who prioritize portability without compromising on power. Its compact form factor makes it an ideal travel companion, easily slipping into your bag or pocket, yet capable of delivering a remarkable 67W output.

Stylish Dichromatic Options: Adding a touch of style to your charging routine, the CH-149 comes in three distinct dichromatic colors – Black, Blue, and Purple. Choose the shade that resonates with your personal style, adding a dash of personality to your charging setup.

Perfect Travel Companion: Designed with the on-the-go user in mind, the CH-149 is the perfect travel companion. Its compact size and multi-port design make it an essential accessory for those who are constantly on the move, ensuring that your devices stay charged and ready for action.

Certified for Safety and Quality: Safety is paramount, and the CH-149 is certified with CE and ROHS, meeting international safety standards. The fireproof PC material enhances durability and safety during charging, providing you with peace of mind as you power up your devices.

In summary, the Mcdodo CH-149 67W Dichromatic GaN 5 Mini Fast Charger is not just a charger; it's a statement piece. With its compact design, powerful output, stylish dichromatic options, travel-friendly features, and safety certifications, it's a must-have for those who demand efficiency and style in their charging solutions. Elevate your charging experience with the CH-149 – where power meets elegance.