Neon Orange Vinyl Sticker Roll – 50cm x 1m

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Energizing Neon Splash: Our Neon Orange Vinyl Sticker Roll (50cm x 1m) infuses a burst of energetic color into your t-shirt designs, creating a lively and attention-grabbing visual impact.
Bold and Striking: The neon orange hue serves as a bold and striking canvas, allowing your designs to stand out with vibrancy and intensity on any t-shirt.
Simple Application: With an adhesive backing, application is a simple and hassle-free process, catering to both seasoned t-shirt printers and those venturing into DIY projects.
Generous Dimensions: Measuring 50cm x 1m, this roll provides ample material for multiple t-shirt projects, offering flexibility for various design explorations.
Enduring Brilliance: Crafted for durability, the neon orange vinyl maintains its vivid color through repeated wears and washes, ensuring your designs remain captivating and enduring.

Product information

Introducing our Neon Orange Vinyl Sticker Roll, a dynamic and invigorating medium designed to revolutionize your t-shirt printing endeavors. Measuring 50cm x 1m, this roll transcends traditional design boundaries, offering not just a canvas but an electrifying statement that transforms every t-shirt into a vibrant piece of wearable art.

The neon orange hue featured on this roll is more than a color—it's a bold and striking proclamation. Infuse your t-shirt designs with a burst of energy, creating visual impact and capturing attention wherever you go. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring DIY enthusiast, this roll invites you to explore the spectrum of creative possibilities it unlocks.

Crafted for simplicity, the adhesive backing ensures a smooth and hassle-free application process. Whether you're applying intricate details, bold graphics, or experimenting with your unique designs, the user-friendly design accommodates both skilled printers and those venturing into the world of DIY t-shirt customization.

With dimensions of 50cm x 1m, this roll provides ample material for a multitude of t-shirt projects. Whether you're creating a cohesive collection or experimenting with diverse designs, the generous size encourages you to unleash the full scope of your creative vision.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Neon Orange Vinyl Sticker Roll is engineered for endurance. The vivid color maintains its vibrancy through repeated wears and washes, promising longevity for your designs and ensuring each t-shirt remains a captivating statement of bold style.

Step into a realm where color meets creativity with our Neon Orange Vinyl Sticker Roll. Transform your t-shirts into canvases of dynamic expression, where every wear becomes a showcase of vibrant energy and individual artistry. Immerse yourself in the world of neon possibilities and let your creativity shine with vivid brilliance.