Phomemo Printer Labels 50 X 50mm Transparent Round Flower Frame C Label – 1 Roll (140 labels/per roll) - XY5050-HC

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Suitable for – M110/M120/M200/M220
Transparent clear round styles of thermal sticker printing label
With adhesive on the backside of each roll of paper, you can easily stick it everywhere
ECO friendly & Safety: no ink required, Bisphenol-A free.
Feature: waterproof, oil-proof, tearproof, great adhesive, and leave no trace
It can be used as price labels. organization label, item label, etc, which helps you stay organized for your work and life.

Product information

Product Name Clear Round Sticker Multi-Purpose Thermal Label (140 labels/per roll)
Applicable Models Phomemo M200 Label Printer
Size (Per Label) 50mm*50mm/ 1.97"/1.97"
Quantity 1 roll (140 Labels/Roll)
Picture Storage Time Long Term Effective (Under normal temperature and away from direct light)

Introducing the Phomemo Printer Labels 50 X 50mm, now featuring the elegant and artistic Transparent Round Flower Frame C Labels. This product offers a roll of 140 exquisite round labels, each measuring 50 x 50mm, adorned with a delicate flower frame design. These labels not only serve as efficient labeling solutions but also add a touch of beauty and charm to your organizational endeavors.

Key Features:

  1. Aesthetic Design: The Phomemo Printer Labels 50 X 50mm Transparent Round Flower Frame C Labels boast an alluring and intricate flower frame pattern, adding an artistic flair to your labeling tasks. These labels are perfect for special occasions, gift-giving, or any situation where you want to add an elegant touch.
  2. Premium Transparent Material: Crafted from high-quality transparent material, these labels maintain the visibility of the underlying surface while enhancing the overall presentation. The transparent background allows the label to blend seamlessly with various items.
  3. 140 Labels per Roll: Each roll of Phomemo Printer Labels contains 140 round labels, ensuring an ample supply for your labeling needs. Whether for personal or professional use, these labels are a valuable addition to your stationery collection.
  4. User-Friendly Compatibility: Designed to work flawlessly with Phomemo printers, these labels guarantee a hassle-free printing experience. The precise dimensions of 50 x 50mm fit perfectly within the printer, providing consistent and accurate printing results.
  5. Versatile Applications: The round shape and flower frame design make these labels versatile for a wide range of applications. Use them to embellish gifts, seal envelopes, organize belongings, or add a decorative touch to your crafting projects.
  6. Strong Adhesive Backing: Equipped with a reliable adhesive backing, these labels adhere securely to various surfaces, ensuring they stay in place without peeling or fading.

Elevate your labeling game with Phomemo Printer Labels - Transparent Round Flower Frame C Label. Enjoy the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, making your organizational tasks a delightful and visually pleasing experience.

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