Phomemo Printer Labels 53mm X 8m Continuous White Non-Adhesive KNET Roll – 1 Roll (53mm X 8m/per roll)

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Phomemo Printer Labels 53mm X 8m

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Suitable for - M200/M220
Regular white thermal printing paper
ECO friendly & Safety: no ink required, Bisphenol-A free.
Feature: waterproof, oil-proof, tearproof, great adhesive, and leave no trace
It can be used as size label, organization label, item label, etc, which helps you stay organized for your work and life.

Product information

Product Name: White Square Continuous Label Non-Adhesive 53mm*8m 2 rolls
Size (Per Roll) 53mm*8m/ 2"*314.875"
Quantity 2 rolls
Picture Storage Time 1 year (under normal temperature and away from direct light)

Introducing the Phomemo Printer Labels in the versatile and practical 53mm x 8m Continuous White Non-Adhesive Label format. This product offers a roll of continuous labels, measuring 53mm in width and 8 meters in length, providing a convenient and customizable labeling solution.

Key Features:

  1. Continuous White Label: The 53mm x 8m Continuous White Label is designed for ultimate flexibility. Unlike traditional adhesive labels, this continuous roll allows you to create custom-sized labels, adapting to various items and lengths of your choice.
  2. Non-Adhesive Design: These labels are non-adhesive, making them ideal for applications where you need temporary labeling or require labels that won't leave any residue when removed. The non-adhesive feature ensures smooth and residue-free usage.
  3. High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium materials, the continuous white labels are durable and reliable. The white surface provides an excellent background for clear and easy-to-read printing.
  4. Effortless Printing: Compatible with Phomemo printers, these continuous labels ensure effortless and precise printing. The continuous roll design eliminates the need for manually feeding individual labels, streamlining the printing process.
  5. Customizable Length: With the ability to create labels of any length, these continuous white labels allow you to tailor the size to suit your specific needs. Minimize label waste and optimize your labeling efficiency.
  6. Versatile Applications: The non-adhesive feature, coupled with the customizable length, opens up a wide range of applications. Use these labels for temporary labeling, organizing, pricing, signage, and much more.

Experience the convenience and versatility of Phomemo Printer Labels - 53mm x 8m Continuous White Non-Adhesive Label. Simplify your labeling tasks and enjoy the freedom to create labels of any length for various applications.

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