Remote Controlled Rainbow Color Night Light Table Lamp for Bedroom, LED Atmosphere Lighting

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Efficient Heat Dissipation: Aluminum alloy lamp cap ensures effective heat dissipation, preventing bulb burnout and enhancing the lamp's longevity.
Sturdy Iron Lamp Base: The lamp's iron base provides a robust and stable support structure, minimizing the risk of cracks and ensuring the lamp's stability.
High-Quality CREE Chip: Incorporates a high-quality CREE chip for superior display and stunning projection, enhancing the overall quality of the LED atmosphere lighting.
Crystal Clarity: Utilizes high-quality crystal with strong light transmission and refraction, resulting in a wider luminous surface and a more vibrant and powerful light.
Convenient USB Power Supply: Powered by a USB source (6W), offering versatility and ease of use with a wide voltage range (85-265V), making it suitable for various environments.

Product information

Introducing the Remote Controlled Rainbow Color Night Light Table Lamp, a captivating addition to your bedroom that combines modern aesthetics with advanced technology. This LED atmosphere lighting solution is designed for those who appreciate not only functional illumination but also a touch of artistry in their living spaces.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the lamp features an aluminum alloy lamp cap that goes beyond its decorative role. This material excels in efficient heat dissipation, ensuring that the bulb remains cool and preventing premature burnout. This feature not only enhances the lamp's durability but also ensures a prolonged and reliable performance, making it a practical and long-lasting addition to your room.

The lamp's iron base complements the sleek design with its durability and stability. Built to resist cracks and provide steadfast support, the iron base adds a touch of robustness to the lamp's overall structure. This combination of aluminum alloy and iron materials not only contributes to the lamp's functionality but also elevates its aesthetic appeal.

At the heart of this night light is a high-quality CREE chip, renowned for its exceptional display and projection capabilities. The chip enhances the overall lighting experience, delivering a mesmerizing display of rainbow colors that transforms your bedroom into a serene and captivating space. The stunning projection, coupled with the lamp's transparency, creates a unique ambiance that adds a touch of magic to your nighttime environment.

The lamp incorporates a high-quality crystal, chosen for its strong light transmission and refraction properties. This crystal not only enhances the luminosity of the lamp but also widens the surface area of the projected light, resulting in a more vibrant and powerful illumination. The play of colors and the crystal clarity create a captivating atmosphere, turning your bedroom into a visually enchanting retreat.

Practicality meets elegance with the lamp's specifications. Its classic black color adds a timeless touch to your decor, while the USB power supply (6W) ensures convenient usage. Compatible with a wide voltage range of 85-265V, the lamp is versatile and adaptable to various power sources. The lamp weighs 0.75KG, striking a balance between portability and stability.

Included in the package is the RGB Sunset Light, a model number for reference, and the RGB Sunset Projection Lamp. Notably, this lamp does not require batteries, making it a hassle-free lighting solution for your holiday-inspired or everyday needs. Certified by CCC and CE, and equipped with a button cell battery type, this lamp meets high-quality standards.

In summary, the Remote Controlled Rainbow Color Night Light Table Lamp is not just a source of light; it's a piece of art that transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of colors and tranquility. With its advanced features, durability, and captivating design, this lamp is an investment in both style and functionality, offering you a delightful and immersive lighting experience every night.