Adyss A900 Tripod Selfie Stick with Remote and RGB Light – 59 Inch

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Adjustable Length: Extendable from 12.32 to 59 inches, catering to various photography needs, from close-up selfies to capturing wider scenes.
Wireless Remote Control: The included remote allows for hassle-free photo capture from a distance of up to 10 meters, compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
Dynamic Lighting: Built-in selfie light with three brightness levels enhances facial features, while the RGB light with seven colors adds a playful touch for versatile use.
Stabilizing Sub-Controller: The sub-handle acts as a stabilizer, offering 360-degree rotation for flexible shooting angles and securely locking the position for stable video recording.
Portable and Durable: Weighing only 0.65lb and made of high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS materials, it's a lightweight and durable accessory suitable for on-the-go use, ensuring lasting performance.

Product information


Feature Specification
Extended Length 12.32 to 59 inches
Modes Selfie Stick Mode, Phone Tripod Mode
Remote Control Range Up to 10 meters
Compatibility iOS/Android Compatible
Selfie Light 3 adjustable lightness levels
RGB Light 7 colors in different modes
Sub-Controller Allows for 360-degree rotation and stabilization
Materials High-quality aluminum alloy and ABS
Weight 0.65lb
Portability Compact and lightweight design, suitable for travel and on-the-go use
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
Functionality Selfie stick, Tripod, RGB Light, Sub-Controller, Remote Shutter
Use Cases Outdoor selfie, Photography, FaceTime, Business, Live Broadcasting, Light stick for parties

Introducing the Tripod Selfie Stick with Remote and RGB Light, a multifunctional and innovative accessory designed to elevate your photography and video experiences. This versatile gadget seamlessly combines the convenience of a selfie stick, the stability of a tripod, the creativity of dynamic lighting, and the freedom of remote control. It's the ultimate tool for capturing memorable moments, whether you're out and about, at a special event, or creating content at home.

Adjustable Length for Versatile Use: This selfie stick tripod boasts an impressive adjustable length, ranging from 12.32 to 59 inches. This flexibility allows you to adapt to various photography needs, from close-up selfies to capturing expansive landscapes. Whether you're a casual photographer, a content creator, or someone who simply loves taking pictures, this device caters to your diverse range of shooting preferences.

Wireless Remote Control: Say goodbye to awkwardly stretched arms in your selfies. The included wireless remote control ensures you can capture the perfect shot from a distance of up to 10 meters. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the remote control provides a hassle-free solution to snapping photos or initiating videos, adding a new level of convenience to your photography experience.

Dynamic Lighting Options: The selfie stick is not just a tool for extending your reach; it's also a creative lighting companion. The built-in selfie light offers three adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to highlight facial features and achieve optimal lighting in various conditions. Additionally, the RGB light feature introduces a playful and dynamic element to your photos. With seven colors in different modes, you can customize the atmosphere, making it perfect for parties, events, or adding a unique touch to your content creation.

Stabilizing Sub-Controller for Professional Shots: Equipped with a sub-controller, this selfie stick tripod goes beyond the ordinary. The sub-handle serves as a stabilizer, allowing for smooth and steady shots. Toggle it upward for a 360-degree rotation, giving you the flexibility to capture shots from different angles. Toggle it down to lock the angle, ensuring stability during video recording. This innovative feature elevates your photography and videography, enabling you to achieve professional-looking shots with ease.

Portable and Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS materials, this selfie stick tripod strikes the perfect balance between portability and durability. Weighing only 0.65lb, it's lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry in your bag, backpack, or suitcase. The robust construction ensures longevity, providing you with a reliable companion for your photography adventures.

In summary, the Tripod Selfie Stick with Remote and RGB Light is more than just a selfie stick—it's a comprehensive photography and videography tool designed to enhance your creativity and convenience. Whether you're a social media enthusiast, a traveler, or someone who loves capturing special moments, this accessory is your key to unlocking a new realm of possibilities in visual storytelling.