White 3D Puff Vinyl Sticker Roll – 51cm x 1m

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White 3D Puff Vinyl Sticker Roll – 51cm x 1m

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Introducing our White 3D Puff Vinyl Sticker Roll, a transformative medium that takes t-shirt printing to new heights. With dimensions measuring 51cm x 1m, this roll is not just a material; it's a tool for elevating your designs into the realm of tactile artistry.

The unique 3D Puff effect adds a textured and raised dimension to your t-shirt creations, creating a visual and sensory impact that goes beyond the ordinary. Crafted in a versatile white hue, this vinyl roll serves as a clean and crisp canvas for your designs, ensuring they stand out with clarity and sharpness against any fabric.

Application is a breeze with the adhesive backing, making it accessible for both seasoned t-shirt printers and those venturing into DIY projects. Whether you're aiming for intricate designs or bold statements, the ease of application guarantees a professional finish every time.

The generous dimensions of 51cm x 1m offer ample material for multiple t-shirt projects, providing you with the creative freedom to experiment with various designs. But it's not just about visual impact – the 3D Puff effect adds durability to your designs, ensuring they maintain their textured allure through numerous wears and washes.

Embrace a new era of t-shirt printing where your designs not only catch the eye but also engage the sense of touch. Elevate your creativity with the White 3D Puff Vinyl Sticker Roll – a versatile and transformative tool that turns every t-shirt into a canvas for textured self-expression. Immerse yourself in the tactile world of 3D Puff and redefine the boundaries of your t-shirt designs.