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High-Pressure Heat Press Machine – 38x38cm

KWD 124.900
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  • Type: Heat Press
  • Power: 1800W
  • Temperature Range: 0-300 °C
  • Time Range: 0-999 seconds
  • Hot Stamping Area: 38cm x 38cm

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The High-Pressure T-Shirt Heat Press Machine (38x38cm) stands out as an advanced and modified version of the traditional flat press, delivering superior performance and enhanced user experience. Boasting high pressure capabilities, this model features a redesigned pressure angle, significantly improving the tactile feel during operation.

Durability is a key highlight of this heat press machine, with notable enhancements to the pressure handle. The increased thickness and strength of the heating plate contribute to its robust construction, ensuring longevity even under the rigors of high temperature and pressure settings.

Precision is a hallmark of this heat press, thanks to its integrated temperature and time control system. The machine intelligently adjusts internal parameters based on temperature feedback values, providing meticulous control over the stamping process. This feature ensures accurate and consistent results with every use.

The generous hot stamping area of 38cm x 38cm allows for versatile applications, accommodating various sizes of T-shirts and other heat-transfer items. Whether you’re working on a small or large project, this machine provides the space needed for efficient and professional heat pressing.

Operating on a voltage of 220-240V at 50/60Hz, this heat press machine delivers a powerful performance with 1800W of power. The temperature range from 0 to 300 °C and a time range of 0 to 999 seconds provide flexibility, catering to different materials and heat transfer requirements.

Compact and manageable, the machine’s packing size of 80cm x 50cm x 39cm ensures easy storage and transport. Weighing 25kg, it strikes a balance between stability and portability, making it suitable for various settings, from home-based businesses to professional printing shops. Elevate your heat transfer projects with the High-Pressure T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, combining efficiency, durability, and precision for impressive results.

Specification Details
Printer Type Heat Press
Battery Needed No
Hazardous Material No
High Pressure Modified design for better feel
Durability Improved pressure handle
Control Integrated temperature and time
Hot Stamping Area 38cm x 38cm
Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power 1800 W
Temperature Range 0-300 °C
Time Range 0-999 seconds
Packing Size 80cm x 50cm x 39cm
Weight 25 kg

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