Metallic Gold GioFlex PU Vinyl Sticker Roll – 50cm x 1m

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  • Radiant Elegance: Elevate your t-shirt designs with our Metallic Gold GioFlex PU Vinyl Sticker Roll (50cm x 1m), infusing a touch of radiant elegance to your creations.
  • Opulent Canvas: The metallic gold hue provides an opulent canvas, perfect for making a bold statement and adding a luxurious touch to your t-shirt projects.
  • Easy Application: Crafted for simplicity, the adhesive backing ensures a smooth and easy application process, accommodating both beginners and experienced t-shirt printers.
  • Ample Dimensions: Measuring 50cm x 1m, this roll offers plenty of material for multiple t-shirt projects, allowing you to explore various design concepts and express your creativity.
  • Timeless Brilliance: Engineered for durability, the metallic finish maintains its brilliance through repeated wears and washes, ensuring your t-shirt designs endure with timeless charm.

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Introducing our Metallic Gold GioFlex PU Vinyl Sticker Roll, a game-changer for your t-shirt printing ventures. Sized at 50cm x 1m, this roll isn’t just a material; it’s a golden ticket to infuse your designs with a touch of luxury and style.

The metallic gold shade isn’t your typical color; it’s a bold statement, bringing richness and sophistication to your t-shirt creations. Whether you’re a seasoned designer making a statement or a DIY enthusiast looking to add glamour, this roll is the canvas for your unique expression.

Applying these stickers is a breeze with the user-friendly adhesive backing. Regardless of your skill level, you can effortlessly bring your artistic vision to life, whether it’s intricate designs, logos, or motivational quotes.

With dimensions of 50cm x 1m, this roll provides plenty of material for various t-shirt projects. Whether you’re building a collection or trying out avant-garde designs, the ample dimensions encourage you to push your creative boundaries.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Metallic Gold GioFlex PU Vinyl Sticker Roll is built to last. The metallic finish retains its brilliance through numerous wears and washes, ensuring your t-shirt designs stay golden over time.

Step into a world where each t-shirt becomes a canvas of golden artistry with our Metallic Gold GioFlex PU Vinyl Sticker Roll. Immerse yourself in endless possibilities and let your creativity shine with the brilliance of metallic gold. Elevate your t-shirt printing projects with sophistication and unique expression.

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