Natural Canvas & Starched Jute Bag – 32cm x 29cm / White or Black

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  • Type: Tote Bag
  • Dimensions: 32cm x 29cm
  • Material: Natural Canvas & Starched Jute
  • Color Options: White or Black
  • Printing Use: Specifically designed for custom printing applications

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The Natural Canvas & Starched Jute Bag, available in a size of 32cm x 29cm, combines natural aesthetics with eco-friendly materials for a versatile and stylish accessory. With options in both White and Black, this bag is not only a sustainable choice but also a blank canvas for your personalization needs.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Compact and practical sizing at 32cm x 29cm, suitable for various uses.
  • Material: Meticulously crafted from a blend of natural canvas and starched jute, providing durability and an eco-friendly appeal.
  • Color Options: Available in both White and Black, offering versatile choices to match your style or branding preferences.
  • Printing Use: Tailored for custom printing applications, making it an excellent choice for promotional events, branding, or personalized statements.
  • Versatility: Beyond its customization capabilities, the bag’s design and materials make it suitable for daily use, from shopping to a chic accessory for any occasion.

Choose the Natural Canvas & Starched Jute Bag for an eco-conscious, customizable, and stylish accessory that effortlessly combines utility with sustainability.

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